Friday, June 19, 2009

Vegetarian Food Stall, Takashimaya Basement 2 Food Court

Disappointed Vegetarian food..

My expectation for vegetarian food is always not as high as non-vegetarian food as I understand that limited ingredients were used in cooking vegetarian food. However I feel that the taste must at least meet the basic requirement. In this case, I was quite disappointed. Perhaps I chose the wrong food dishes to go with rice.

This was my vegetarian rice for lunch. It was such a big pack topped with green vegetables, stir-fried pumpkin and curry cabbage. The dishes were tasteless, especially the curry cabbage which was also very oily. They were not even salty nor sweet nor sour. I wonder if they ran out of salt or sugar that day or the chef forgot to add taste to the dishes?

Overall Verdict: 2/10

Perhaps I will try their other dishes next time.

Vegetarian Food Stall
Takashimaya Basement 2 Food Court

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