Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pandan & Orange Chiffon Cakes, Self-made

My favourite Pandan and Orange Chiffon Cakes again..

I made two Pandan Chiffons using different recipes and an Orange Chiffon using back the same recipe yesterday.

This Orange Chiffon Cakes were not as soft as the previous time I made it. I suspected it could be due to the egg white not beaten to stiff enough or beaten till too dry. The texture had large holes..

I tried different recipes for the Pandan Chiffons. This is of a lower volume and more moist. Same as the orange chiffon cakes, the cake texture had large holes.

I added more beaten egg whites to the second Pandan Chiffon and I got a higher volume. This time, I monitored very closely on the stiffness of the beaten white egg, ensuring that it was not under-beaten or over-beaten. And yes, it turned out to be very soft.

I realized that baking also depends on an individual’s “luck”. It may not turn out well as the previous time you made it, even if you are using the same recipes.

Good luck then!

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