Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bendemeer Wah Kee Wanton Mee

Wah Kee. #01-81, Bendemeer Market and Food Centre , Blk 29 Bendemeer Road 

My colleague bought us this wanton + Shui Jiao mee from Wah Kee, Bendemeer... Black soya sauce wanton mee is always my favourite.. Wanton is big and you can taste full prawn in the shui jiao (shrimp+pork dumpling).. The char siew tasted as it was braised instead of roasted... and the noodle is springy...

Wah Kee
Blk 29 Bendemeer Road 
Bendemeer Market and Food Centre Singapore 330029

Friday, June 27, 2014

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurent 八宝素食馆, Chinatown

It was 初一 1st day of the lunar month. Heard from friends that this restaurant serve very nice vegetarian food. Here I come...


 Appetizer - Soft Peanut

Brown Rice mixed with white rice

Vege. Curry Mutton

Kung Bao Monkey Head Mushrooms

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves

Yam Paste

There are a lot of dishes on the menu... I will be back for other dishes.. :)
Don't forget to make reservation especially on 1st day or 15th day of the Lunar month..

My verdict: 8/10

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurent
282A South Bridge Road
Singapore 058831
Tel: +65 6534 7727

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lai Hiang Pork Rib Prawn Mee 来香肉骨虾面, Pek Kio

Yes, this is the one, all prawns bee hoon dry with extra chilli....

I have never been to Pek Kio before but I have been eating it quite often. Reason? My colleague, Ah Pui has been buying for us. Oops, I should be calling her Ah Slim cos she is on diet now... Heard from her that she has to wake up at 5am. She took MRT from Yew Tee to Novena then cab to Pek Kio. After buying, she will take bus from Pek Kio to Novena then MRT to Somerset... so grateful to her for the super nice prawn bee hoon...

Ah Slim knows I love prawns, therefore my share is all prawns without fishcake or pork. This cost $5... The usual price is $3 with lesser prawn and bee hoon...

My verdict: 9.5/10

Lai Hiang Pork Rib Prawn Mee
Blk 41A Cambridge Road
Pek Kio Market and Food Centre
Singapore 211041

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jumbo Seafood, East Coast Seafood Centre

Disappointing Dinner!

It was my first time dining at Jumbo Seafood East Coast outlet. I tried the ones at Serangoon Gardens and Singapore Indoor Stadium few years ago and found the food still up to my expectations. However, I was so disappointed with the taste of the food which I ordered at this outlet on a particular Saturday.

1. Scallop wrapped in Yam Ring – 5/10
The yam paste didn’t taste fresh and it was kind of mushy and too watery and bland.
Look at the miserable thinly slices of scallop. It has been harden after deep-frying.

2. Salted Egg Golden Prawns – 6/10
It tasted bland despite it was coated with salted egg yolk. Not salty nor sweet nor sour nor whatever. However, the prawns were fresh and crunchy and I added points due to this factor.

3. Chlli Crabs 1.2kg – 5/10
We asked for a replacement as the claws were “hollow”. The flesh was merely about 50% filled inside the claw.

The picture below was after replacement. The claws were still “hollow” but were slightly better than the first plate. The manager said that he will give feedback to their supplier and on the quality of the crabs. I really wonder what went wrong.

It was such a disappointing dinner. I will still visit Jumbo but not at this outlet. I heard from friends that the Dempsey outlet serves much better quality food. Well, I look forward to trying the food at Dempsey outlet.

My Overall Verdict: 5.5/10

Jumbo Seafood
Blk 1206 East Coast Parkway
East Coast Seafood Centre
Singapore 449883

Tel: 6442 3435
Fax: 6444 5373

Operating Hours:
Dinner only: 5.00pm - 12.00 midnight

Chin Huat Live Seafood Restaurant, Clementi (Sunset Way)

This review was posted late. It was a New Year Eve Dinner. After reading numbers of reviews of this restaurant, we decided to try their Sri Lanka Crabs. We were disappointed that the Sri Lanka Crabs ran out of stock by the time we reached there at 8pm+. Nevertheless, we try other dishes.

1. 3 different eggs vegetable – 6/10

2. Garlic Steamed Jumbo Oyster – 8/10
The oysters were very fresh and juicy.

3. Handmade Tofu with shredded Conpoy (dried scallop) – 7/10

4. HK Style Steamed Soon Hock (Marbled Goby) – 9/10
The fish was extremely fresh and it worth the money.

5. Yam Nest with Chicken Cubes & Cashew Nuts – 6/10

My Overall Verdict: 7/10

Chin Huat Live Seafood Restaurant
Blk 105 Clementi Street 12 (Sunset Way)
Singapore 120105

Tel: 6775 7348

Operating Hours:
Lunch 11.30am - 2.30pm
Dinner 5.00pm - 10.30pm

Raffles Marina Bistro, Tuas, Revisited

No regrets. Still as Yummy!

I revisited this place again. It was then raining so heavily and the wind was so strong that we have to force ourselves sittng indoor (away from the sea view). Sigh..

Our orders this time:

1. Chicken Wings (1/2 dozen) $11.00 – 9/10
They are still as good. Yummy!

2. Fish & Chips $10.00 – 7/10
The battered fish fillet is fried to golden brown and very crispy on the outside. Not a bad choice. Considering it is merely a $10 item, it is definitely value for the money.

With another two glasses of beer, total bill came up to $43.57.

Overall Verdict: 8/10

Marina Bistro
10 Tuas West Drive
Raffles Marina
Singapore 638404

For reservations, call Tel: 6869 2299

Operating Hours:
Daily: 8.00am to 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)

Café Cartel, Bukit Panjang Plaza

Café standard?

Our orders for a simple dinner:

1. Spicy Chicken Wings $5.80 – 2/10
I am quite disappointed with the spicy wings. It is tasteless, not spicy & too floury.

2. Spicy Chicken Bolognese $12.00 – 6/10
The Bolognese sauce is little sourish, sweet & spicy but it is too water and diluted. The spaghetti texture is overcooked, no longer springy.

3. Root Beer Float $4.20 – 4/10
How I miss A&W’s root beer float!

Total bill came up to $25.85.

Overall Verdict: 4/10

Despite the disappointment for this meal, I will still go for their Chicken Chef’s Salad and St Louis Pork Ribs which I will give them 7/10 & 8/10 respectively.

Café Cartel
1 Jelebu Road
Bukit Panjang Plaza
Singapore 677743

Tel: 6767 7900

Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri, Eve of Public Holiday: 11:30am-10.00pm
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday: 8.30am-10.00pm