Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hokkaido Fair, Isetan Scotts, 19 to 29 June 2009

Largest Hokkaido Fair 2009 ever held out of Japan..

I enjoyed this Hokkaido Fair the most out of so many other Japanese Fairs. There were so many food samplings. Mmmm..

Some of the stations I patronized:

We bought 6 packs of Seasoned Processed Squid and Shellfish & Squid with Miso without realizing that 3 packs of the processed squid and shellfish were already expired. We were too lazy to go to the Hokkaido Fair at Tampines for the exchange as the one at Scotts already ended by the time we realized the expiry dates.

2. Cream Dowa Station

This Yubari Melon Soft Ice Cream was very smooth and nice.

3. Another Chinmi Station

It mainly specialized in dried Scallops with different flavours. Their scallops were so fresh and yummy but very expensive. I went back to buy few packs of dried soft scallops few days later. Each pack weights about 80g and it costs $20.

4. Uncooked Ramen

I sampled this ramen and the miso taste so good. Therefore, I bought two packets – one miso flavour and one spicy miso flavour. Each pack cost $10 and came two servings.

They provided me with the cooking instructions too. However, when I cooked it at home, I find the ramen and the soup tasted very different from I sampled at the Fair. It might be because the servings were too big and the soup were quickly absorbed by the ramen.

5. Moisture Souffle
This soft and moist cheesecake had a floral fragrant and it tasted heavenly.

6. Otaru Marugoto Sweet Potato

It was baked sweet potato cake filled with melty mild custard cream. It was so so sweet which I believe extra sugar were added.

7. Butter Manju Tokachi Red Bean

They are generous with the Japanese Red Bean fillings. The thickness of outer pancake crust was just nice.

8. Sapporo Draft Beer

This beer was so fresh, $3.50 a cup.

How I wish the Hokkaido Fair quickly comes back again..

Hokkaido Fair 2009
Isetan Scotts Supermarket Basement

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