Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marks & Spencer, Great World City

Ocean Pie and Breaded Haddock made in UK..

I have been searching for UK version’s Fish Pie and Fish & Chips in many high-end supermarkets ever since I came back from UK last year March. It seems that they can be found only at the Marks & Spencer.

I bought the Ocean Pie and Chunky Breaded Haddock from the Marks & Spencer at Great World Outlet. The prices were slightly steep but still worth the buy since I craved for them for quite some times already. It costs me a total of about $49.80 for these two items.

I toasted both items using my bread toaster since I am too lazy to fry the breaded fish which I believe it would taste nicer that way.

1. Ocean Pie – Atlantic Haddock in a Parsley Sauce
The sauce was creamy but the flavour was still not there. I still prefer the “Young’s” brand which I had in UK. This is their website Their products can be easily found in UK supermarkets.

2. Chunky Breaded Haddock
By toasting it, the crust was not too oily and it was healthier but the crispiness was not there. The Haddock was however still very fresh.

The above food inspired me to make my own Fish Pie from the recipe books which I bought in Scotland. I shall make myself one of these days.

Marks & Spencer
Food Section
Great World City

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