Monday, June 1, 2009

Handmade Popiah by KL Mama, KL style

Anyone tried Popiah that consisted stir-fried lean pork & long bean?

Yesterday, I went to a handmade Popiah treat at my friend’s house. The Popiah was in KL style because it was self-made by my friend’s Mama who came from KL last Friday.

This is my friend’s Mama. I gave her a nickname – KL Popiah Mama. KL Popiah Mama was so concentrated in wrapping Popiah for us that she did not notice I was photographing her, even when my camera flash went off.

KL Mama Popiah’s ingredients consisted of:

1. Popiah skin – this was self-made by KL Popiah Mama. The skin texture was more like an eggless crepe. The skin was so soft and remained soft even when it was kept in a container and left in the fridge.

2. Turnips – The version is black and dry but yet juicy.

3. Diced Long bean fried with Diced Tau Kwa – I have not seen long bean in a wrapped Popiah before.

4. Cooked Beansprouts

5. Sliced Cucumber

6. Sliced Fishcake

7. Stir-fried sliced lean pork – The version in Singapore is using the Pork fats that have been deep fried and crushed.

8. Ground Peanut – Self-made

9. Chlli Padi – Self-made – It was damned spicy and Shiok!
10. Fried Crispy Sliced Onion – Self-made
I had a bite. See! The combination was so good, tasty & spicy too. Shiok man!
This Popiah was rolled by me. It was nicely wrapped and rolled, right?

Left one was rolled by SP and the right one was done by me. Obviously, I was too greedy because the one I rolled looked fatter and fuller. Haha!

Heard that KL Popiah Mama woke up very early at 5am+ to make her Popiah ingredients. I was so touched by her sincerity and was honored to be invited to this Popiah session. To appreciate KL Popiah Mama’s effort, I wolfed down 3 big fat Popiahs at an interval of 15-30mins. It was so so filling that I still feel so full when I woke up this morning.

Actually, I also had a bowl of peanut soup made by KL Popiah Mama yesterday but forgot to take a picture of it. It was not too sweet and the taste was similar to that famous peanut soup stall at Maxwell Food Centre.
I think I will miss these two items when KL Popiah Mama went back to KL..

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