Sunday, June 7, 2009

Azur, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport T3

Wide selections of breakfast buffet items at Crowne Plaza Hotel..

Went for the breakfast buffet at Azur Restaurant, Crowne Plaza Hotel this morning. The ambience was good and staff were friendly too.

One thing I like most about this buffet spread was the wide selections of breads and pastries. Remember I am a bread-lover? Haha!

See the picture below. I was so tempted by its Bread Counter. They offered spreads such as French butter, miniature Bonne Maman strawberry, apricot and orange preserves, peanut butter and kaya.

Here come our dishes which were shared between my friend and I.

1. Asian – 6/10
The Asian food in this spread was quite disappointing. The Char Siew Bao filling was not appetizing as we cannot taste the pork. Was it because the pork was too minced and too much starch was added? The Char Siew Sor crust could have tasted better if it was still flaky but still, the filling was not what I like. The scallop dumpling starch skin was too thick and we cannot taste the scallop in the filling too. The Soon Kueh was ok – skin not too thick but the filling was a little bland. The Fried Mee Hoon and Nasi lemak rice were ordinary. The sambal shrimp was spicy enough but I cannot taste the crunchiness of the dried shrimp. The sambal egg was a little too sweet and not spicy.

2. Salads – 7/10
Vegetables were fresh. Black Pepper Beef ham was good and not much traced of fats. The Smoked Salmon was fresh too.

3. English Breakfast – 7/10
The streaky bacon was too sinful for two of us. We would prefer the back bacon instead. The “sunny side up” was nicely presented. Grilled Tomato with herbs was good too.

4. Breads, Pastries & Spreads – 8/10
A young female chef saw me grabbing a big cranberry loaf, suggested me slicing the corner of the loaf and toasting it before spreading with some cheese or butter. She said she and other chefs have tried this many times and love it very much. This was what I thought too. Indeed, the cranberry was so good especially when spread it with French butter and preserves. It goes well with peanut butter and kaya too.

5. Cereal pieces with milk – 7/10
A mixture of Cornflakes, Honey Star & Koko Krunch and added with Pura brand Fresh Milk.

6. Otak in Banana leaf – 4/10
Too much starch - cannot taste the fresh fish.

7. Waffle with maple syrup, whipped cream & diced mixed fruit – 5/10
The waffle was tough and too floury.

8. Skim Milk & Soya Milk – 6/10
Healthy drink.

Overall Verdict: 6.5/10

Well, I don’t mind going back for the buffet again if it has 1 for 1 promotion.

75 Airport Boulevard
2nd Floor Crowne Plaza Hotel

Tel: 6823 5354

Operating Hours:
All day dining 6am to 11pm
Breakfast Buffet 6am to 10.30pm

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