Friday, May 29, 2009

Mango Chiffon Cake, Self-made

Very light and soft Mango Chiffon Cake..

I made this very nice Mango Chiffon Cake yesterday. They were so soft and light. I modified the initial Orange Chiffon Cake recipe and changed it to Mango Chiffon Cake recipe.

My colleagues tried these Mango Chiffon Cakes today and all of them commented nice, soft and fragrant. I feel like a bird flying in the sky. Haha!

This Mango Chiffon Cake had a strong mango aroma and the texture was so soft and light. Thanks fior the Orange Chiffon Cake recipe. Else, i won't be able to modify it to become my Mango Chiffon Cake recipe.

Tonight, I will be making three Chiffons with three different flavours - Pandan, Orange and Banana for my friend’s Mama who will be coming to Singapore from KL today. Also, my best friend wants me to demonstrate the Chiffon making process. Therefore, I am using this opportunity to kill two birds using one stone. Haha! Wish me good luck ya..


  1. Good Luck!!! Heee.. I WANNA TRY LOR!!!! Hmmp!!

  2. Thanks leh.. I will make for you one of these days ya..