Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sam's Cottage, Dairy Farm Estate - 2nd Visit

Nice snacks..

This is my 2nd visit within the same month. This picture shows the Dairy Farm Estate. This apartment block is just one of the block in this estate. Can you see Sam's cottage in the picture?

The restaurant is just opened with lights up.

Food ordered:
1. Heineken beer and Jack Daniel's on the rock

2. Chicken Drumlets - It still tastes as good as two weeks ago.

3. Chicken Nuggets - The usual nugget tastes.

Most imptly, these deep fried food do not have those kind of burnt smell as if the oil has been reused too many times.

Food: 8/10.

Sam's Cottage
17 Dairy Farm Road
Dairy Farm Estate
Singapore 679043

Tel: 6766 3907

Operating hours:
Daily 7pm - 12am

Happy Hours:
7pm - 9pm 10% off

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