Friday, May 29, 2009

Wang Jiao, Changi Airport T3

Wang Loyalty Card is not accepted at this outlet..

We settled down at Wang Jiao for lunch since it was not crowded and it was considered a better place for chatting.

These were what we ordered.

1. Mee Siam – 5/10
Considering the ingredients used, I considered $3.60 for this plate of Mee Siam too expensive, especially when the Mee Siam gravy, being the most important ingredient, was too diluted to my liking.

2. French Loaf Toast with Kaya – 6/10
The loaf texture was tough and compact. It was also not crispy though it was served warmed. Worst, the Kaya filling was too little which was a disappointment.

3. Soft Boiled Eggs – 6/10
The eggs were still runny but slightly warm only.

4. Kopi C – 7/10
This Kopi C can still make it.

5. Horlick Kosong (without milk or sugar) – 7/10
The horlick was thick to my liking.

The total bill came up to $9.50.

Overall verdict: 6.2/10

Wang Jiao, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3
Departure/Check-In Hall North
Singapore 819663

Tel: 6546 1889

Operating Hours:
Daily 24 Hours

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