Thursday, May 7, 2009

G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog G7新馬活田鸡粥, Cheong Chin Nam

Mother's Day dinner at G7 Sinma..

G7 Sinma opened a new outlet at Cheong Chin Nam around March 09. Finally, there's one nearer to the West area as it is more convenient for me to come to this place for dinner since it is nearer to my home.

This outlet has two storeys. Usually the second floor are meant for 4 persons or above. It seems that not many people know about this newly opened outlet yet. I have patronised this outlet for more than 3 times including this time but there are always seats available.

When this outlet opened in Mar 09, they only have claypot bull frog in their menu. When I went there the 2nd time in Apr 09, they have two more menus on other dishes.

See their menus below.

We ordered a total of 5 bull frogs (buy 3 get 2 free) - cooked with Dry Chilli cos my parents like spicy. 8/10.

Claypot Porridge - my parents like it very much. 7/10

Fried Bittergourd with Eggs - It is dry and the good thing is that it doesn't taste oily. Usually, the version I had is the one with slight gravy. 8/10

G7 Honey Glazed Beancurd - The toufu is very soft. The toppings seem to be a mixture of dried shrimps and minced pork. They are crispy and fragrant. 7/10.

Cereal Prawns - The prawn shells have been removed before it is fried. The fresh is crunchy and coated with crispy egg white cereal. 8/10

This is their namecard.

The claypot bull frog and porridge are as good as their Geylang outlet.

G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge G7新馬活田鸡粥
No.5 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599730
(Opposite Beauty World Centre @ Upper Bukit Timah Road)

Tel: 6467 7317

Operating Hours :
3pm – 3am