Sunday, May 3, 2009

Le Meridien Food Court - Thai Food Centre

Staff are Thai..

I have been wanting to try the Thai food at Le Meridien food court for quite some times as I thought the food could be authentic becos the staff look like Thai.

Finally, we went there last week. The counter staff seems to be communicating with the cook in Thai. Therefore, I concluded my guess is right.

There are 3 Thai food stalls side by side. Not sure if they belongs to the same owner. Nevertheless, we ordered from the centre stall.

1. Seafood Tom Yam Steamboat - 7/10
The soup is slightly salty and not spicy enough. Well, it could be becos I like spicy food.

2. Stir-fried Seafood Tang Hoon (冬粉) - 8/10
The flavour tastes similar to Pad Thai - sort of sweet. I like this dish as it is not too dry. Yummy.

The total bill is merely $12. It is considered as cheap compared to Thai food restaurant. I will still go back there again to try other of their items.

Thai Food Centre
100 Orchard Rd
Le Meridien Shopping Centre
Basement 1 Food Court
Singapore 238840

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