Friday, May 22, 2009

Timbre @ Substation, Armenian

Clare’s Birthday at Timbre @ Substation

This Timbre hideout at The Substation Garden is quite well-known and always become crowded especially after 9pm. Their live band usually starts at 10pm+.

Most of us are virgin to this place. First-timer may have difficulty finding this place as it is situated behind The Substation main building near the Old National Library site. Do check out the location map before you lost your way.

Below is the location map extracted from Timbre website:

This is the entrance which is also the exit of the restaurant and it faces the carpark.

Band Stage..

The seven of us..

Bee’s Shirley Temple..

My Lime Margarita..

1. All American Mini Beef Burger – 6/10
It came in 3 mini burgers per set. We ordered one set only as three of us do not eat beef. I did not try it this time. The one I tried was at Mount Sophia outlet. The beef patty was not very juicy but the mini burger looks cute and the presentation is good.

2. Louisiana Fries – 6/10
Most of them like this Cajun thick-cut fries which were topped with Tartar sauce. They were snapped up within the next 15mins.

3. Timbre Chicken Wings – 7/10
The wings were too dry to my liking. But most of my friends prefer this to the Buffalo wings.

4. Half & Half – Buffalo Chicken & Roasted Duck – 8/10
These two are their popular toppings. The roasted duck is fragrant and delicious. The pizza crust is so thin and crispy. You won’t feel the sinfulness of being over-carbohydrate.

5. Half & Half – Chicken Fajitas & Spicy Cajun Chicken – 6/10
Not too spicy.

6. Timbre Seafood Platter – 7/10
It came with fresh squid rings, prawns, mussels, fish fillet and potato wedges. They are served with tartar sauce and Thai chili sauce. I only managed to try the squid rings and wedges. The squid is Q-Q and the wedge is fat and thick. Nice!

7. German Sausages and Mash – 7/10
The sausage is cheesy. Cheese lovers, try it. The mash potato is not very creamy or I would rather say drier than expected. This is what I like the best. It means less butter – healthier.

8. Buffalo Chicken Wings – 7/10
The sauce is spicy sour. Shiok man! But most of them do not fancy it. Hmmm..

Look at the these ants on our table. These species are so different from what we commonly see. They are enjoying their food too.

Overall, the service is good and the staff, who are mostly non-Singaporeans, are friendly too.

Timbre @ Substation
45 Armenian Street
The Substation Garden
Singapore 179936

Tel: 6338 8277

Operating Hours:
Opens everyday from 6pm.

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