Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine Dim Sum 御宝轩世界城点心, Great World City

Very very good Dim Sum!

It was a last minute decision to go for Dim Sum at Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine on a Sunday morning. I made the reservation for two persons at 11.30am as this is their usual opening hours. When we walked pass the restaurant around 11am, we realized that it is already opened. Hence, we walked in to try our luck since we were 30mins earlier.

All rooms and tables were actually fully booked. Luckily, the captain reviewed their reservation list again and finally gave us an available room instead of the usual dining area.

This room was in fact meant for 6 persons.

Sesame Coated Walnut – We were firstly served with this nibble that whetted my appetite. Sweet and crunchy. Yummy..

Our orders.

1. Chee Cheong Fun with Fresh Prawn 鲜虾猪肠粉– 8/10
The roll was soft but not mushy. The prawn is big, fresh and crunchy. Marvellous… However, the sauce was a bit more salty than others. Overall, it was still very good.

2. Har Gow 虾饺 – 7/10
Steamed shrimp dumpling – The filling consisted of prawn in cubes and water chestnut chunk. Not too bad.

3. Siew Mai 烧卖 – 8/10
It may look ordinary but… cut it up and see yourself…

A big prawn was stuffed in it. The proportion of prawn was more than the minced pork. Prawn-lovers, you will love it, just like me…

4. Chicken/Phoenix Claws风爪 – 8/10
Very tender and soft but not flavourful enough. The seasoning was ok but could be due to that marinating time may be too short. That’s why the seasoning flavour was not absorbed by the claws. But it was still very nice. Mmmmm.. It would be even best if more pepper is added to the seasonings.

5. Char Siew Pau 叉烧包 – 9/10
One of my favourites. It was so soft, light and fluffy. The Pau skin was kind of chiffon cake texture. I like the top of the pau being torn off, revealing the char siew filling inside.

The filling oozed out when I tore it open. The char siew was in cubes, not minced and this is exactly what I like. Pork fats can be easily found and removed. Not sure if I am lucky or the chef did not include much fats as the char siew filling.

6. Mini Egg Tarts 迷你蛋挞 – 7/10
It was nicely baked. The egg custard filling was very smooth but a little too sweet. The crust was so flaky, fluffy and buttery. Go for it!

7. Almond Milk with egg white蛋白杏仁奶 – 7/10
It’s awesome! Healthy too! So smooth and not too sweet.

8. Po Lo Bun菠萝包 – 7/10
The filling was generous. The Po lo skin was not too oily nor too sweet. Overall, the taste is just nice.

The big sliced char siew pork was revealed.

The Dim Sum at Imperial Treasure were really very good and tasty.

After trying many Dim Sums from different places such as Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific, Wah Lok at Carlton, Peach Garden at OCBC Centre, Tung Lok at Arena Country Club, Shang Palace at Shangri La, Golden Peony at Conrad, Crystal Jade at various outlets, Red Star at Havelock, etc.., I still find that most of the Dim Sums at Imperial Treasure are up to my expectations.

I strongly recommend this place to everyone.

Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine 御宝轩世界城
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City
Singapore 237994

Tel: 6732 2232

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sat: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6pm - 10.30pm
Sun & Public Holiday: 10.30am - 2.30pm, 6pm - 10.30pm

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