Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Marché® Natural Bakery, Discovery Walk at 313 Somerset

Swiss bakery concept..

Being a “bread” person, I look forward to the opening of Marché® Natural Bakery at Somerset313. And yes, it finally opens today. At about 8am, few customers (should be working in the nearby construction areas based on their hard hats and vest) were patronizing the Marche bakery.

Their breads & buns are freshly made at the “see-thru” kitchen daily and they are available for takeaway. At the glass panel, you can see their process of making the breads. Marche Restaurants is connected to the bakery and it is just one level below at level B1. The bakery opens at 8am daily whereas its restaurant opens at 11am daily.

There was an opening promotion - buy 4 mini selections and get 1 for free. Therefore, I picked 3 mini chocolate banana rolls, 1 mini raisin stick and 1 mini herbs roll for $2.40 ($2.55 with GST).

Mini chocolate banana roll – 8/10
The bread texture was sort of “chewy” and not as soft as Asian bakery such as Breadtalk or Swee Heng. I could not taste the “banana” as it was named. But, the generous chocolate chips make this chocolate roll tastes very nice.

Mini raisin roll – 7/10
The difference between this raisin roll and the chocolate roll is merely the fillings, I supposed. I still prefer chocolate chips to raisins.

Mini herbs roll – 8/10
My colleague ate this and commented that this was very nice. The texture was sort of a hard roll and it had a strong aroma flavor. She likes it so much.

Overall Verdict: 8/10

Marché® Natural Bakery, Level 1
Discovery Walk at 313 at Somerset

Marché® Restaurants
313 at Somerset
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Operating Hours:
Bakery - 8am
Restaurants - 11am

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