Monday, July 6, 2009

Union Farm Eating House, Clementi

Limited Menu Dishes..

Union Farm Eating House is located very near to the Maju Camp, along Clementi Road. The place was a little ULU (remote). From the main road, we can still catch the view of this “kampong-type” restaurant.

Having passing by this place for several times, we decided to come by for dinner.

Their menu items were so limited. Example: For the fish, they only had the deep fried version that were served with gravy; for the vegetables, they didn’t even have kang kong, sweet potato leave, spinach, broccoli, etc..

Look at the below bill receipt on the items they served.

Items we ordered were:

1. Paper-wrapped chicken, Chee Pow Kai (纸包鸡) $12
The minimum order was 10 pieces for $12. The chicken pieces were too oily for us. The chicken pieces used were either from chicken drums or thighs.

2. Vegetable, Xiao Bai Cai with oyster sauce $7
The oyster sauce seemed to be poured directly from those that can be bought from the Supermarket. It was so thick and salty.

3. Bee Hoon, dry $3
The bee hoon was so bland. We could not even finish half of it.

Total bill came up to $26.60.

My Overall Verdict: -

We merely finished half of what were served to us. Perhaps the food really did not suit our taste. Therefore, don’t think we will come back here again.

Union Farm Eating House
435A Clementi Road
Singapore 599474

Tel: 6466 2776

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