Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sam's Cottage, Dairy Farm Estate

English Style..

Sam's Cottage is located inside the Dairy Farm Estate. You can park your car at the Visitor's lot in the private Condo.

We reached there 10mins before 7pm on Sunday, 19 April 2009 and it was not opened yet. Just before 7pm, we saw the man (i supposed he should be the boss) came to open the door.

The front image of Sam's Cottage.

The bar counter with many selections of liquors.

This is their menu. There are only 3 selections of light snacks - Fish 'n' chips, Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Drumlets but these are good enough. We cannot expect much from a neighbouring cafe/pub. Most imptly, the ambience is good and the boss is friendly.

Three of us ordered the followings:

1. Jug of ice cold beer.

2. English Fish 'n' Chips - It was wrapped with paper. The paper-wrapped style is similar to the English Pub "The Old Brown Shoe" at Bukit Timah Road.

We combined two portions of Fish 'n' Chips into one as the table is too small. The deep fried fish were very good. They were not fishy and the flesh of the fish were thick (doesn't really taste like dory fish although the boss admitted that dory fish were used. We were served with malt vinegar and tartar sauce. It's wholesome. We used to eat fish 'n' chips with malt vinegar when we were in Edinburgh, Scotland. Such combination is so good. Afterwhich, we never use tartar sauce anymore.

3. Chicken Drumlets - These taste good. I find it nicer than many other cafes and pubs. It is slightly spicy.

This place is though small but cosy. It is a good place to chill out and for buddy's talk.

Sam's Cottage
17 Dairy Farm Road
Dairy Farm Estate

Tel: 6766 3907

Operating Hours:
Daily 7pm - 12am

Happy Hours:
7pm - 9pm 10% off

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